Banana Kong: An Exciting Adventure Game with Customizable Characters and Simple Yet Addictive Gameplay

Banana Kong: An Exciting Adventure Game with Customizable Characters and Simple Yet Addictive Gameplay

Banana Kong is a fantastic adventure game. There are hundreds of endless-running games on the App Store, but very few of them are as good as this one. If you can't get enough of the endless-runner genre then Banana Kong is sure to hit the spot. In Banana Kong, you take control of a knuckle-walking ape (Kong) and attempt to jump, bounce, and swing your way through jungles and across treetops in order to outrun the deadly banana avalanche. Let's go on an exciting adventure through the jungles, caves, and treetops with Kong!

Inventive storyline

The Kong in this game is obsessed with bananas; so much so that his massive stockpile of yellow fruit is becoming a hazard. It topples over, causing a banana avalanche that Kong needs to outrun, thereby triggering the endless running which is the focus of the game.

Simple but entertaining gameplay

The gameplay is simple but will provide you with addicted fun. Kong sprints automatically, and a tap causes him to jump in the air. Holding your finger down allows Kong to float for a short distance; swiping to the right unleashes a devastating shoulder charge that smashes through obstacles blocking the path. You could also ride a boar or fly with a toucan to overcome dangerous obstacles like massive boulders, crocodiles, piranhas, and boiling lava. Colliding with one of these objects or falling foul of other hazards, such as vast pools of water, brings Kong's dash to an end.

In Banana Kong, you need to collect as many bananas as possible to fill the energy bar. Use a power-dash to destroy obstacles or take alternative routes like the deep underground cave area or treetops. Run, jump, bounce, and swing on vines as you help Banana Kong to outrun a huge banana avalanche! Keep full control with highly responsive single-finger tap and swipe controls.

Customize your favorite character in the store!

Banana Kong has a stunning store that can meet all our desire for a game. In the power-ups sector, Kong may enhance its skills by buying rainbow bananas, magnets, glides, treasure chests, and so on. A wide variety of cool parachutes and hats are in the store; feel free to customize your favorite ones.

We can spend banana coins to invite animals to assist Kong in its escape: leopard can enhance Kong’s boost skill; by the way, the effects of leopard boost for a dash are surprisingly wonderful! Toucan can protect Kong from blows and triples the banana value. Boar has the ability to destroy obstacles. Giraffe will save you from falling from the treetop. Many more animals can assist Kong with their unique abilities. That’s incredibly creative and entertaining.

Pros and Cons:


  • Inventive storyline
  • One thumb control
  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • ads don't pop up much like other free apps


  • without a variety of game modes