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Craft Survival: Exploration, Building & Crafting screenshot
Craft Survival: Exploration, Building & Crafting screenshot
Craft Survival: Exploration, Building & Crafting screenshot
Craft Survival: Exploration, Building & Crafting
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Updated on
Jul 21, 2017
Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API 16)

Craft Survival: Exploration moved to another level! This lite app, inspired by the popular cube/voxel based survival games, gives you opportunity to transform the terrain in 3D environment and build a fortress that will let you survive the attack of the monsters / mob (zombie, creeper, ghost, spider etc) with a bow and arrow. This is fully fledged cube based game with survival mode. Crafting & Exploration. Craft and build during the day, fight with a bow and arrow and survive during the night! While the sun is shining play the creative mode, build a house, castle or fort. Craft arrows from wood and harvest flowers to cook HP potions. Gather and craft as many resources as you can. Explore randomly generated cube worlds, build and create amazing & perfect things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of cube fortresses and castles and mine to the earth core! Become an adventurer now! Crafting arrows is a key to survival mode. During the night the monsters come. Spiders, ghosts, zombies creeping in the woods. They want to destroy your cube shelter and get you! Shoot at them with your bow and arrow! Every day you have to upgrade your fortress, repair the damages and craft weapons and ammunition. The time is ticking away! Get to the shelter before the monsters spawn! When survival mode starts, defend yourself from hostile mobs! Become an expert bowman, veteran in archery - shoot accurately with your bow at the enemies (hostile mob). This game (PE) contains a large number of different blocks/cubes with which you can craft your own cube world and explore it! Enjoy the survivalcraft mode! High resolution textures, very convenient and thoughtful game control let you do the exploration of the voxel world in Craft Survival: Exploration. High FPS, without compromise! So plunge into the fantastic world of ‘Craft Survival: Exploration’ - with new cube worlds and adventures! Place blocks / cubes move voxels, dig and mine!Craft weapons, and harvest herbs! Go beyond your wildest dreams, make your own cube base, mine castle or kingdom with our lite game and eventually defend it on survival mode! Transform the surface in a 3D environment. Survive the night! Build shelter, fight, grow and craft, the only limit is your imagination! Be creative in Craft Survival: Exploration! Start a cube craft in survival island!

Coming soon:
Survival mode 2.0
Food (cooking, harvesting, crafting)
Survival multiplayer
Crafting items and weapons - lite mode
More monsters (exploding ones, dragons)
Survivalcraft+ mode
Day & night
Cube Craft
Exploration plus
Story mode (with dragons and bosses!)
Weather (rain, wind)
Stats and inventory
Different worlds (hell, heaven, lair)
Shop with armors, weapons and unique elite swords

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Build shelter, harvest and craft during the day
Survive the monsters attack in the night!
Create, fight & survive!

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