Cyber Surfer: Immerse Yourself in the Music World of Cyberpunk Style

Cyber Surfer: Immerse Yourself in the Music World of Cyberpunk Style

Cyber Surfer is the most amazing music game app featuring a broad array of music, including both global hit songs and your favorite independent music. Cyber Surfer is similar to tap music but instead of tapping to the music you use your thumb and control a surfer to match the same color lines. The game is immensely addictive and stress-relieving, thanks to its ingenious gameplay, strong visual impacts, and wonderful music. If you're weary of other arcade or action games and want to try a music game with outstanding gameplay, Cyber Surfer is a must-try!

Welcome to the cyberpunk world!

In this world, you’re a cyberpunk-style knight, taking a ride on your cool hoverboard with a fantastic lightning saber in hand. Traveling across interstellar space-time, wielding the sword in hand, and skateboarding to match the same color lines are the missions of the knight. Wearing earphones to listen to the most dynamic music, you will immerse yourself in this music world featuring cyberpunk style. Here, you may relieve anxiety and get high.

A must for music and game lovers

You can select from a variety of songs in the main music and hot music columns. The music collection has hundreds of global top songs, like Faded, Believer, Natural, Despasito, Bad Guy, and more. You are free to use any of them as background music. If you're weary of searching through the enormous music library for your favorite songs one by one, feel free to search for the song you want to use as your gaming background music. However, only songs from the music library may be found. You may also add your favorite songs to "my songs" to make it easier to find your preferred background music.

Music has the magic power to heal our souls when we are hurt, to calm us down when we are in agony, and to make us happier when we are feeling good. A music game like Cyber Surfer may provide you with both music and game features. It has created a music world for you, where boredom, sadness, and anxiety will be quickly erased, leaving only pleasure and happiness. Prepare to move your body in time with the music!

Fantastic visual effects

Geometric lines, triangles, and circles are the main elements of this punk universe, and they are combined with the brightest hues like blue, red, and yellow to provide players with a strong visual impact. Furthermore, the skating and sword-swinging movements are accompanied by dynamic music and vibrant images. The game is both entertaining and visually striking.

Pros and Cons:


  • Various song styles
  • Fantastic visual effects
  • Unique game scenes mixed with music sounds.
  • The simplest way to control but the coolest game showed


  • The game is not so challenging, but really relaxing and cool.