Discover a New Life in Lily's Garden: A Renovation and Decoration Adventure

Discover a New Life in Lily's Garden: A Renovation and Decoration Adventure

If you inherited a garden from your great-aunt, how would you renovate it? This fantastic dream is now within your reach through a wonderful game, Lily’s Garden. You will play the role of a poor woman called Lily. Having experienced enough terrible events, you are finally welcoming a brand new life. Nice neighbors, lovely pets, and a romantic story are all waiting ahead. How well will you do? The answer is worth expectation at Lily’s Garden!

Renovation and Decoration of A Fabulous Garden

The story begins with a tragic scene: Lily, a poor woman, suffered from a series of unpleasant incidents. Shortly after she lost her house to a fire, she received a letter from her great-aunt, and got the message that this relative of hers had passed away and left her a garden. A new life began from then on. You will play the role of Lily and manage the garden. The garden is far from a nice one at first, but you can renovate and decorate it to make it a paradise. You have to start with the fundamental work at first, such as raking leaves and clearing trash. There are loads of missions to complete, and you will also get rewards when you finish a certain number of tasks. In most cases, you will have three options while renovating or decorating the garden. You can even change the style of the decorations after you have made the decisions. Undoubtedly you will have the chance to fully customize your garden the way you like! Every time you complete a task, you will unlock a short episode of the story and new tasks. Time permitting, you can read the episodes and meet new characters as well. Each character is important in the development of the story and will even play a major role in the tasks. The garden is divided into many parts. When you finish all the work needed in one part, you will be able to unlock a new area. As more areas are brought to your eyes, your garden will be more and more like a heavenly place. As long as you try hard enough, there is nothing impossible!

Endless Fun and Rewards for Playing Mini Games

In order to renovate your garden, you have to get stars to complete the tasks first. The only way to get stars is to play mini games. But do not worry--it is simple and fun! The levels are similar to match-three games, but the gameplay is different. You need to match two or more adjacent tiles of the same color to remove them from the board. Yes, only two tiles will meet the requirement! When you match five to seven tiles, you will create a rocket. Tap the rocket and you will be able to remove a row or column of tiles according to the direction of the rocket. If you manage to match eight or nine tiles, you will make a bomb. The explosion of a bomb will destroy a large chunk of tiles. But the bomb is not the ultimate yet. The magic flask is. Match ten or more tiles and you will make a magic flask, which you can tap to clear all tiles on the board of that exact color. The explosives can even trigger each other, and you can use this mechanism to make wiser decisions. By beating the levels, you will gain abundant rewards, including boosters, coins, and tokens. The boosters will make it easier to beat the levels, especially the hard ones. You should use the boosters cleverly, because they are consumable. With coins, you can buy outfits for the characters--not only Lily, but also others. Beautiful clothes always bring a good mood, right? Tokens are very useful in the event called Mary’s Gallery. In this event, you will compete with other players. Only when you rank top ten will you get a chest, and the top three players will even receive more rewards. There is another event, Easter Season. You can get points by beating levels, and every twenty points will grant you a reward. In a word, playing mini games is both fun and rewarding. Just go ahead and never stop!

Lily Needs Your Help!

The story of Lily is heartbreaking, and she could really use someone’s help. Will you be the hero for her? A paradise awaits your creation, so please do not hesitate. Download Lily’s Garden at and let your goodwill be true. Have a good time!