Discover the Fun and Excitement of Moy 7 A Virtual Pet Game

Discover the Fun and Excitement of Moy 7 A Virtual Pet Game

Moy 7: Virtual Pet Game is a funny casual game. In this game, you can adopt the cute little virtual pet Moy and enjoy countless hours of exciting and fun gameplay. With life-like emotions, stunning graphics, and fluid animations it will feel just as if Moy is real, and you will hopefully love him just like a real pet. With a wide variety of mini-games, it will provide you with an amazing gaming experience and may change your perception of games. It is more impressive than any normal game apps that bring you a thrilling feeling of excitement. Besides thrills and pleasure, you will get, more importantly, support, companionship, and a feeling of achievement and fulfillment.

Let’s accompany Moy to grow up!

This game is all about caring for your Moy. Help Moy by brushing his teeth, showering him when he's dirty, telling him when to go to bed, giving him healthy food, exercising him, and playing games with him. The more you care for your Moy the more he will grow and be happy. Thus, this game could potentially cultivate your ability to care for others and improve your patience. You will also feel a feeling of accomplishment as you see Moy grow up healthy and happy. He is your adorable virtual pet who will always be by your side, providing you with support and happiness. You can also treat him as your loyal friend. You obtain enjoyment through playing games, and he grows up as a result. It’s truly a win-win scenario.

Meet all your needs for playing mini-games!

Unlike other game apps, Moy 7 offers you over 95 different mini-games and activities, and all of these are the trendiest ones nowadays. The mini-games are categorized into four different genres - casual, arcade, racing, and puzzle. There are also plenty of creative activities such as playing the piano, drums, or guitar. You can also spend time on painting, filling in a coloring book, managing a zoo, planting flowers in your garden, saving patients by acting as a doctor, and much more! You must be familiar with many games on the app, such as Angry Birds, Crazy Arcade, Racing Bicycle, Fighting Gophers, Gold Miner, etc. More interesting and thrilling mini-games are waiting for you to explore!
It provides you with the best experience of playing various mini-games on one app. On this amazing game app, you get to enjoy the pleasure brought by a considerable number of games, therefore, no more wasting your phone’s memory to download other mini-game apps. Apart from these, the game offers clear instructions: at the start, players are told what to tap and when, so it's fairly easy to figure out.

Collecting coins to buy things for your Moy!

The coins you collect from playing any of the mini-games can be spent on purchasing new clothing, body colors, hairstyles, or even beards for your Moy. You can also spend coins on decorating your house, buying fish for the aquarium, new animals for your zoo, ingredients for baking your desserts, and much more!

Pros and Cons:

To understand this game app better, it is crucial to understand its pros and cons.


  • A virtual pet and loyal friend
  • A wide variety of mini-games and activities
  • Lovely and funny interfaces and images
  • Offering clear instructions, thus easy to play


  • This game app is better suited for kids.