Experience the Thrills and Excitement of Crossy Road: The Viral Arcade Game

Experience the Thrills and Excitement of Crossy Road: The Viral Arcade Game

“Why did the chicken cross the road?” The age-old joke has inspired Hipster Whale, an Australian video game developer, to develop and publish a fantastic arcade game: Crossy Road. The game has gone viral since its release in 2014. Now, Crossy Road is popular with millions of people all over the world. Its gameplay is highly unique and engaging, centered around crossing roads and avoiding being hit by cars. The main goal of Crossy Road is to move a character through an endless path of buses and objects as far as possible without dying.

Simple but addictive gameplay

On a busy road, endless streams of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and active trains are going forward, some quickly and some slowly. The gameplay is simple: tapping to go forward and swiping the screen in the appropriate directions to move the character horizontally and backwards to avoid getting crushed by cars. You can always challenge your records and get higher grades.

Crossy Road is both challenging and addictive, as it is easy to be run over by cars if players can’t maneuver the direction and the timing of crossing the roads well. A crash results in a game over. It tests our acumen in dodging cars and our ability to control speed and timing.

Magical characters

Interestingly, different characters in this game have their own unique magical powers, as they can vary the environments. There are hundreds of characters, and depending on the characters, the environment around also changes, with obstacles varying. When you play as a vampire, for example, the time setting shifts to night and the environment turns into an eerie darkness. The vampire can also transform into a bat, which increases its speed. When playing as an astronaut, the environment is space with asteroids as obstacles. Compared to other endless running games, this one is more creative and enjoyable. It may stimulate players’ interest in unlocking more characters. The game will provide you with endless fun.

One hundred coins can be used for a chance at a new character from a lottery machine. The more you play and earn cash, the more characters you'll get. Diverse characters mean varied challenges and environments. Play more and get more lucky characters!

Multiple modes

Over 30 modes and hundreds of characters are awaiting you to unlock. In Crossy Road, every mode includes unique characters that correspond to the mode's background setting. There are diverse lucky characters in the original cast mode, including various animals and fleas, man wizards, specimens, robots. Almost every character will give you a surprise, especially with the diverse environment they bring. When you select a lion as the character, the color of the cars and roads will change to match the color of the lion's skin. There are many more entertaining modes, such as Dinosaurs, Arctic, Brazil, China, Festive, Sporty, Spooky, Pec-Man, etc. Moreover, you may enjoy the multiplayer mode with your friend, and manipulate two characters on the same device. Multiple modes provide you with more fun!

The bottom line

Every original game is inspired by intriguing ideas and storylines. Crossy Road is based on the famous black-humor joke "Why did the chicken cross the road?" Subway Surfers, another popular endless running game, begins with the starter character Jack's immoral behavior: spraying graffiti on a subway. Different storylines will result in distinctive gameplay and gaming experiences. Crossy Road has met all the requirements of a never-ending running game. The game is challenging and addictive, the storyline is interesting, the characters are lovely, and the gameplay is inventive. The only drawback may be that coins are difficult to obtain. Overall, it's a fun game and a good way to pass time. Let's go on this road-crossing adventure and have some fun!