Join Bob the Thief on a Thrilling Adventure in Robbery Bob: King of Sneaking

Join Bob the Thief on a Thrilling Adventure in Robbery Bob: King of Sneaking

What does a talented thief look like? The game Robbery Bob: King of Sneaking will give you everything you could want to know. Bob is a proficient thief with exceptional stealing abilities. For instance, Bob is dead silent when he’s sneaking (like a ninja); he has some ninja tricks up his sleeve! The gameplay is both inventive and addictive. Let’s go on this thrilling adventure and have some fun!

Interesting storyline
Play as Bob, the sneaky burglar with a good heart. Unfortunately for Bob, however, he's going to be forced into a few final jobs before he's allowed out of the criminal life. Robbery Bob is a fun and humor-packed adventure that will get you into luxurious villas and past puzzles fill with guards, dogs, and other enemies to come out with your pockets full of loot! Do you want to help Bob regain his freedom?

Bob has an accomplice who specialized in giving him stupid ideas but occasionally encourages Bob to do it for interesting reasons, such as sneaking into his ex-wife's house and stealing the secret recipe for a delicious dish because he hasn't had a desirable dish in a long time. He'll also do it for romantic reasons. For example, he was refused by a gorgeous woman when he asked for her contact information, so he asks Bob to sneak into the woman's house and collect her contact information. Playing Robbery Bob will offer you hours of entertainment.

Thrilling and addictive gameplay
That's the fundamental plot, and gamers as Bob must embark on a three-chapter, 50-level crime spree with one basic goal in mind: navigate him through the house, find the items, and get out before anyone notices him, particularly dogs, cops, wicked scientists, or worse, little old ladies with rolling pins.

The game begins simply, as most level-based games do, with a virtual D-pad – with optional floating – guiding our distressed delinquent to an unusual variety of easily-spot objects of doubtful value. When the little dots on each level are white, it means the way is clear; when they are red, it means there is trouble afoot. When Bob's sneaking fails, he can sprint by pressing a single button. As the game progresses, more barriers such as locked doors, lasers, and the obvious choice for home protection - cannons - emerge, and we discover of Bob's super-stealth methods such as misdirecting blundering cops with a closed door.

The bottom line
Robbery Bob’s is a fun game overall, and while the level designs are not the most innovative, there are enough incentives to keep fans replaying, with lots of checkpoints and frequent instructions to make moving forward easy for the less committed.