Join the Intergalactic Battle in Space Shooting - Galaxy Attack

Join the Intergalactic Battle in Space Shooting - Galaxy Attack

If you are a fan of arcade shooting games, you will probably have an interest in Space Shooting - Galaxy Attack. It has inherited the classic gameplay, but there are new engaging elements as well. You even have the chance to use many different spaceships in one level. Do you want to enjoy the infinite fun of shooting alien invaders and upgrading your spaceships? If you do, this game will be a brilliant choice!

Shooting Alien Enemies with Various Spaceships

Space Shooting - Galaxy Attack provides hundreds of levels for you to beat. You need to control your spaceship to dodge the bullets from alien enemies and wipe out all of them. You should note that you have only one life, and crashing into any bullet or enemy shooter will lead to failure. The major innovation of this game lies in the optional switch of spaceships in battles. When you destroy the alien invaders, some of them might drop a power-up called Change Ship. Pick up the power-up and you can switch your spaceship in use to another type. There are more than ten types of such power-ups. If you are lucky, you will be able to use loads of different spaceships in every single battle! Each spaceship has its own way of attacking, and you have full discretion on whether to switch your spaceship. You should be aware that once you have changed the type, there is no going back. You will have to wait until the next Change Ship to switch again. Anyway, this mechanism is very interesting and makes the battles even more enjoyable. Besides Change Ship, you can also collect Upgrade, the other power-up, to enhance your spaceship. Switching your spaceship to another type will not change its level, which is very nice. When you encounter extremely hard levels, use the Bomb to deal massive damage to the enemies and remove all the bullets from the battlefield. It is consumable but very powerful in emergent situations. Last but not least, you may find a rare booster with a POW sign on it. Collecting this booster will maximize the power of your spaceship for a moment. This booster is comparable to a Bomb and you should never miss it!

Upgrading Your Spaceship, Enjoying Different Modes

Each battle you win will reward you with coins, medals and cards. They are all useful for upgrading your spaceships and mini ships. You can use coins to level up your spaceships, increase their damage with medals, and break their limit with unicards. Mini ships will attack at a subordinate level, but they are very helpful in the battles too. You can equip your spaceship with two mini ships at most. Leveling up the mini ships demands a lot of coins, and you can also spend basic cards to improve their damage. The more you upgrade your spaceships and mini ships, the easier it will be to win the battles.
If you want to try something new in this game, Endless mode and Boss Fight are waiting for you. In Endless mode, you will have to deal with infinite waves of alien invaders. Although you will not meet bosses, the minions will become increasingly tricky as you beat more and more waves. Boss Fight provides campaigns with only one enemy, but it is much more difficult to defeat than the minions. The bosses have substantial health points and high defense, and they attack in various ways. If you are a skilled boss fighter, you are bound to have the most exciting experience in this mode!

Time for Combat!

Via the classic elements of arcade shooting games and the innovation of spaceship switching mechanism, Space Shooting - Galaxy Attack is drawing the affection of worldwide players. Download it now at and join the battle, Captain. The invaders are coming, and our galaxy needs your help. Go fight for honor, and come back with triumph. Best of luck!