Lead Your Heroes to Victory in Magic Rush: Heroes - The Ultimate RPG & Tower Defense Game

Lead Your Heroes to Victory in Magic Rush: Heroes - The Ultimate RPG & Tower Defense Game

Magic Rush: Heroes is an engaging role-playing game with a variety of ways to have fun. You will play as the defender of your kingdom and lead heroes to fight with the enemies. The unique hero tower defense mode is also an extraordinary feature of this awesome mobile game. If you are fond of RPG games, do not miss Magic Rush: Heroes.

Summoning and Training Heroes to Defend the Kingdom

With a lot of enemies to combat, it is not enough to defend your kingdom by yourself. To fight the foes, you must summon heroes and turn them into a powerful team. In the Wishing Pool, you can make Gold or Diamond wishes to get heroes. For Gold wishes, you have five free chances every day, and you can use gold to make more wishes. You will get heroes, runes, and other materials like experience elixirs. For Diamond wishes, you can even get three-star rare heroes if you are lucky! When you reach a certain amount in basic diamond recharges, you will definitely get a blue quality hero. This is a bonus you should never let go!
After you have summoned five heroes, you will have a complete team. You can strengthen your heroes in various ways. Use experience elixirs to level up them, and their basic attributes will be enhanced. In the wishing pool, you might sometimes get hero soulstones. With an adequate number of soulstones and gold, you will be able to greatly evolve any hero and increase their health and attack damage. The runes are also good stuff. You can gain different runes by defeating the enemies in the stages, and equip your heroes with the specific runes they need. Each rune will increase several attributes of the heroes. When you have collected enough runes that a hero needs, you can advance that hero and unlock a new skill. The skills are very important in battles, and you can upgrade them with gold. To make it short, there is no end to becoming stronger, as long as you are willing to try!

Enjoying Hero Tower Defense at Your Fingertips

Unlike the usual stages, the gameplay of the hero tower defense is unique and a lot more fun. In this mode, you need to place the heroes you have on several slots alongside the roads to defend your crystal tower at the end of the roads. There will usually be more than one road leading to the crystal tower, and the enemy minions will be spawned from the lairs to destroy it. You should choose and place the heroes strategically, and upgrade them to better defeat the enemies. For example, the tank heroes will not attack, but they can summon a few ally minions in the middle of the road. It will be wise of you to place them near the crossroads and set the summoning flag where the allies can fight with enemies from two or more roads. On the other hand, the heroes will accumulate energy as they attack. When their energy is full, you can tap the hero and hold to release powerful skills at any point within the range. Therefore, you can put the heroes with crowd damage skills close to the tank heroes. They are surely going to be a big surprise!

Defend Your Kingdom Now!

There are still many other elements in this game, and the contents mentioned above are only a small part of this incredible iceberg. Magic Rush: Heroes is an excellent example of RPG games, and you will certainly have lots of fun in it. Download it now at APKBlue.com and join the RTS war. The kingdom awaits your defense. Have a good time!