"Prison Break: Stickman Adventure" - The Ultimate Escape Game Experience

"Prison Break: Stickman Adventure" - The Ultimate Escape Game Experience

Prison Break: Stickman Adventure is an excellent adventure game. The game is all about assisting the stickman in escaping from prisons. While escaping from prisons, he may face a variety of obstacles, including getting rid of mice, crabs, and even crocodiles, avoiding watchmen’s patrols, etc. Each level presents you with multiple choices; select the correct ones to go on to the next level. Wrong answers will result in painful but funny outcomes. The most exciting and challenging prison break game is waiting for you! Let's get started and have fun!

The awesome prison breaker

A fan of Arsène Lupin, a fictional gentleman thief and master of disguise, calls himself Lupin 19th. His hobby is to adventure through prisons in the world. The challenges, the obstacles, the difficulties are all interesting to him. Nothing can stop him from escaping. Each prison has unique characteristics that he uses special specific skills to pass. Let's go with him to experience different prisons in the world.

Experiencing the fun of escaping from prisons

What smart tricks may be employed to escape discovery by watchmen? Play the music to lull the guard to sleep. Give the mouse a slice of cheese and let it go away obediently. Guards stand on searchlights-equipped gun towers, keeping an eye on every area beneath gun towers, and how can you avoid being discovered? Hide behind a plant and make a barking sound. All these clever tricks are successful ways of eluding capture. Red, green, and blue electrical wires, cutting which wire can open the door and run away? Trust your instincts and make the decision!

Logic VS Luck

Your ability to find detailed clues and conduct logical thinking are of significance to pass levels. By the way, luck is an essential factor as well! You will be delighted when you get some clues or insights that will help you pass levels. However, there are occasions when you assume it is the correct choice and chose it with complete certainty, and the results surprise you. Since the plots are, sometimes, beyond our imagination! When we literally don’t know which choice is correct, we’d better depend on our instincts. Sometimes the most unlikely choice in our minds turns out to be the correct solution. Most intriguingly, "the most unlikely choice" is supported to some extent by acceptable plots. As a result, both logic and luck are required to win the game.

Diverse scenes of prison

In an underground jail, use fireflies to illuminate the forward paths. Why not go with a flashlight? Be careful not to be electrocuted! In an underwater jail, make a face to let sharks get angry and bash the glass, and then your door will be crashed open. Diverse prison scenes provide you with endless fun.

Unlike other Prison Break games, this one may provide you with unique experiences and feelings. Whether you make the correct or wrong decisions, you will experience the same level of enjoyment. Pay close attention to every tiny clue, as even the slightest one will be crucial to your success in the game.
With funny and dynamic graphics, playing the game is like watching an animated film. The differences are that you will see multiple plots that depend on your choices, which makes the game even more interesting.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple and Addicting Gameplay
  • Lovely and dynamic graphics
  • Beyond imagination plots
  • Easy to play but has a twist that makes it more challenging


  • Ads will be a bit of annoy.