Rise to Power: A Beginner's Guide to Building Your Empire in Age of Warring Empire

Rise to Power: A Beginner's Guide to Building Your Empire in Age of Warring Empire

Do you want to own a powerful empire? Training troops, looting resources and upgrading constructions are all accessible now in Age of Warring Empire. You do not have to start from scratch, but the process of building a mighty country could be challenging. There is still a lot of fun waiting for you to explore. Are you ready? Let’s have a look!

Building Your Empire, Conquering All Foes

At the beginning, you will already have a small city. There are some constructions in your city, and you can produce certain resources by yourself, such as wood, stones, iron and crops. Do not forget to upgrade your sawmill, quarry, iron mine and farm to increase the production of corresponding resources. As you collect the products, you should also upgrade your warehouse to store them. The upgrades will cost wood, stones and iron, and each upgrade will take longer than the last one. City Hall is very important too. Upgrade it and you will increase the maximum population and breed more people per hour. In the technology center, you can develop various technologies related to the economy, military and mastery.
While you are constructing your empire, do not forget about your foes. Train troops in the barracks, recruit heroes in the tavern, and send them to the Magic Tower to conquer the enemies in a vast territory. There are thousands of stages to defeat, and every ten triumphs will pay off with a big chest. You will receive loads of resources as rewards when you defeat the boss in each stage. If you defeat all the enemies in a stage, you will have the chance to choose one small chest from four alternatives. The reward could be energy points, equipment for heroes and coins. The maximum energy points will increase as you level up, and the experience needed for leveling up comes from the battles you win. Every battle will cost one energy point, and the points will be refilled as time goes by. If you want your empire to grow faster, defeat as many foes as you can.

Exploring A Vast World of Mystery

As your city gradually develops into a real empire, you will also want to explore a bigger world. Tap the “Attack” button on the home page, and you will see the other strongholds on the world map. The number marked on each stronghold indicates its level. You can choose the ones inferior to your fortress to march and loot resources from them. It will take some time, but the wait is worthwhile anyway. Apart from the forts, you will see living creatures as well. As long as you are mighty enough, do not hesitate to clear these creatures. You will receive abundant rewards and have the chance to get extra bonuses. What’s more, there are other places you can occupy. These places include mines, fields, pits, etc. You should configure a troop powerful enough to deal with the guardians in advance. Once you have occupied the locations, you will be able to harvest resources that you are not able to get at your own fortress.

Realize Your Dream Now!

If you dream of becoming a king to rule an empire, Age of Warring Empire will make it come true. Great minds share great ambition, and great ambition takes great efforts. Download the game now and prepare for the realization of your great ambition. May your dream be true soon!