Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja - Become the Ultimate Assassin and Eliminate Your Enemies

Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja - Become the Ultimate Assassin and Eliminate Your Enemies

Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja is an action game where you can have lots of fun assassinating enemies with different weapons. Stealth is the key to completing every single assassination, but skill and speed are also indispensable in all missions. If you enjoy the excitement of killing enemies in an unexpected way, this game will be perfect for you!

Assassinating Enemies with Various Weapons

In this game, you will take contracts to eliminate your enemies. In each contract, you need to clear away many floors and defeat the boss on the final floor to claim the rewards. As a ninja, you have to move close to your enemies to carry out assassinations, and each enemy you kill will drop some money. With enough money, you can improve your armor, learn more skills and buy more weapons before some missions begin. Skills are very helpful when you are completing the missions. For example, a skill called Stealth will endow you with the ability to stay invisible while standing still. The enemies are very dangerous and they all have a detecting light. With this skill, you do not have to worry about being found even when you are right in front of them. You only need to stop moving and the magic will turn you into a potted plant! Still, you can change your weapon as well. When you have enough money, replace your dagger or sword with a long-range weapon like a pistol or a RPG. Won’t it be cooler to shoot your enemies from a distance? Absolutely! As you complete more and more missions in the contract, you will unlock more complicated mechanisms too. Some are deadly traps, such as lasers and electric boards. Some are monitors, and you should avoid exposure to them. Still, you can use some special mechanisms to help you complete the missions. For example, on some floors, you will see a heavy cloud of smoke on a fixed place. You can hide yourself in it, and your enemies will not find you. Make the most of such mechanisms, and you will find the assassinations even easier and more thrilling.

Unlocking and Upgrading More Heroes

There are twelve heroes for you to choose, but most of them are rewards for defeating bosses. Every contract includes killing general enemies and a boss. You can kill the general enemies with one poke or shoot, but the bosses have more health points, and you need to attack several times to kill them. You should be aware that some bosses reward you with only money and tokens. There are two heroes that you can only collect through special means. One is called Imposter. When you reach contract nine, you will unlock the Missions section. Complete twenty special missions and you will unlock Imposter. The other hero is Crispy. You have to collect fifty stars in the daily quests to unlock it. Every hero is unique, and has their own way of attacking. You can use tokens to upgrade your heroes, and unlock new skills for them. You can upgrade each hero to level ten and they can learn up to four skills. The more heroes you unlock, the more powerful you will be.

Enjoy the Exciting Assassination Now!

Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja is very popular among many players for its simple gameplay and unique mechanisms. You can always have fun in various ways of assassinating enemies. Download it now at and let the action begin. Will you become the best assassin ever? Hopefully you will, and break a leg!