Stickman Party: An Addictive Arcade Game with Simple but Challenging Gameplay

Stickman Party: An Addictive Arcade Game with Simple but Challenging Gameplay

Stickman Party is an incredible arcade game. There are a number of similar games in the arcade game genre, but this offline arcade game has simplistic but challenging gameplay that makes it stand out among other games. Featuring a broad selection of mini-games and multiplayer models, it is a perfect match for those who enjoy competitive mini-games and playing games with friends. Adopting the simplest and the most animated element——stickman, as well as stunning graphics, this game is a real winner.

Extremely addictive mini-games

This fantastic arcade game includes over 40 mini-games, like Multiplayer Tanks, Football, Microcar rally racing, Stickman clash, Bounce the ball, Paint the colors, and many more! Kids and adults are both suitable for this game, thanks to its simple but challenging gameplay. Mini-games, in the vast majority of people’s minds, are childish and easy to pass levels. Stickman Party, on the other hand, is quite different from other games with multiple mini-games. Every mini-game in Stickman Party is exquisitely designed, with ingenious ways to play. You can hardly find a game with both the simplest gameplay and the most intriguing enjoyment. If you are a fan of playing mini-games or simply want a fun game to kill time, we strongly recommend you this one a try. This game will knock your socks off!

Play with your friends together!

Stickman Party is a collection of single player and local multiplayer games, including games for one, two, three, and even four players on the same device. The Multiplayer model will arouse people’s competitive nature, making the game even more exciting. Unlike other Internet-connected games, this offline game enables you to play with your friends in a more interesting way: play mini-games on one device. Since stickmen are easy to control (only one button for each player), so do not worry that one device is not enough for 2 or even 4 players to play. Call your friends to play together!

Customize your favorite in the store

Like the pink stickman? Never mind, earn enough coins to buy it. Like the coolest racing car and tank? They are all in the store. Want your stickman to wear a lovely bunny headgear, a magic hat, or a shark mask? There are various headdresses for you to pick from as long as you have earned enough coins to buy them. Feel free to customize your favorite ones!

Pros and Cons:


  • Playable offline
  • Simple but challenging gameplay
  • A wide variety of mini-games
  • Simple one-touch operation, one-click


  • You may wish to continue playing, but the game will finish if other bots all die, even if you are still alive.