The Ultimate Test of Survival and Love: Play Day R Survival - Lone Survivor

The Ultimate Test of Survival and Love: Play Day R Survival - Lone Survivor

How will you survive in a world polluted by radiation and full of radioactive menaces? If you are a fan of surviving games, you will probably like Day R Survival - Lone Survivor. You will need to survive and find your family in the post-apocalyptic USSR of the 1980s. Will you make it through the dangers and save the ones you love? The answer is in your hand.

Exploring A Ruined World for Survival and Hope

When the story begins, you will find yourself in a small village, and there will be no living person by your side. The wasteland ravaged by radiation is no place for residence, and you need to find a shelter and your family. Tap on any point on the map and you will get there, and you will find useful stuff in many places. What you need most is food, water, clothes and a shelter. When there are any resources available nearby, they will be highlighted so you can search for and pick up the things you want. You should be aware that the capacity of your package is limited, and you cannot load it with too much stuff. Sometimes you will see broken vehicles or corpses. You cannot carry them, but you can search from or disassemble them to get necessities, materials and tools. You can craft weapons, tools, equipment and other things with the materials. Weapons are indispensable in this dangerous world, and you will need them to kill animals, fight with mutants and defend yourself against possible enemies. The weapons and many tools are consumables, so you had better collect enough materials to repair them or replace them with new ones. With enough materials, you will be able to craft any item you want. Besides these, you need to care about your condition as well. Check the stats of your health, hunger, thirst and energy on the top, and keep yourself in good condition. When you get sick for whatever reason, use the medicine or bandages to heal yourself. A good physical state will be essential for surviving longer.

Uniting with Other Survivors, Saving Your Family

You are not the only survivor in this vast world--there are still many others. You will have to find them and unite with them to form bigger forces. Go across the vast territory, explore thousands of towns, and you will be able to find help from other survivors. Sometimes you will have to complete missions with your allies, and receive experience, materials, weapons, tools and so on as rewards. You can level up with enough experience, and every time you get an upgrade, you can learn one skill. The various skills may increase the damage of your weapons, the duration of the tools, the quantity of resources you can get, etc. The more skills you learn, the easier it will be to survive. As you explore more parts of the world, do not forget to collect information of your family’s whereabouts. After all, the reunion with them is your final goal!

Survive for Yourself, and Love

Day R Survival - Lone Survivor has created a tragic virtual world, but the essence of this game will never fade. The deadly radiation and pervasive threats are so weak in the face of love, and family is our eventual shelter and last hope. When you play this game, please remember: you do not only survive for yourself, but also for the ones you love.