Uncover the Truth in Duskwood - Detective Story: An Intriguing Game of Mini Games and Decisions

Uncover the Truth in Duskwood - Detective Story: An Intriguing Game of Mini Games and Decisions

Do you like detective story games? Are you fond of investigating criminal cases and revealing the truth bit by bit? If your answers to these two questions are “Yes”, you will love the game I am going to introduce today. Duskwood - Detective Story has received praises from many players since its release, and it is still very popular among worldwide fans. The intriguing story, true-to-life characters and challenging mini games all add charm to this game. If the thrilling experience of exploring mysteries is something you seek, then you will not be disappointed here.

Multiple Decisions, Customized Story

In Duskwood -Detective Story, you will get to know the story of a missing girl called Hannah through conversations with many relevant characters. The home page looks like that of a real messenger, and the story will gradually unfold itself through the conversations and group chats. You will have the realest chatting experience with other people, and you can even respond in some cases. Every time you are given the chance to reply, you can tap the dialog box, and you will see a few optional default replies. You can choose any one of them to continue the chat, and each different message will lead to a different branch of the story. With so many decisions to make, you will feel as if you are customizing your story! What’s more, every character has their own personalities, and you can click on their avatars to view their profiles and check the photos they have uploaded. You will even receive voice messages and video calls from some characters. The video calls are so well designed that sometimes you may wonder whether you are talking to real persons.
There are many unique characters in this game, but there are two you should pay more attention to. One is the kidnapper, who shows up with a covered face once in a while in video calls. You have to find out the identity of this guy. The other is very mysterious. The avatar of this character is a person in a mask, and this guy will cooperate with you to find the missing girl Hannah. With its help, you will be able to get access to the chats between other characters without being found through the “spy mode”. You can find clues more easily with this special mode, and you will find interacting with this mysterious guy very fun.

Playing Mini Games to Continue the Story

The characters will not always chat with you, but you can win the chances by completing mini games. The mini games are all of the match-three kind, and you can play each level three times. Every few levels you beat will contribute to the development of the story, and new chats will also be unlocked. You will sometimes find photos after you beat some levels, and you can decide whether or not to send them to the mysterious person in cooperation with you. Sending the photos is likely to help you get closer to the truth. Anyway, you have full discretion on the decisions. My suggestion is that you share the photos whenever you are not sure whether they are worth it. After all, two minds are greater than one.

The Truth Awaits Your Revelation, Detective!

As an investigation game, Duskwood - Detective story is indeed very engaging. There are probably thousands of branches of the story, and you are the one to decide which to proceed with. The girl is still missing, detective, and it is high time that you did something. Download the game now, outwit the kidnapper, find out who it is, and come back with the truth. Best of luck!