Unveiling the Thrills of Run Sausage Run!: An Adventure Running Game with Endless Fun

Unveiling the Thrills of Run Sausage Run!: An Adventure Running Game with Endless Fun

Run Sausage Run! is an adventure running game which has been very popular and well liked lately. You will find yourself addicted to the exciting journey of dodging and running after playing it for only a few minutes. The simplest holding on the screen brings the most incredible joy. What is the magic of this game? Let’s reveal it now!

Dodging Threats, Collecting Power-ups

In this game, you need to control the sausage to go through a lot of dangerous routes to beat the levels. The sausage will keep walking ahead, and you can tap and hold on the screen to make it bend backwards and run. There are many kinds of obstacles on the way, and you have to avoid being "killed" by them. These obstacles include not only mechanical devices, but also living creatures. Mechanical devices usually operate in a regular way, and you only need to catch the right timing to run. There are also some devices that do not work regularly. The taps are a typical example. The water will flow from the taps now and then, but not in an consistent way. There will be a pond or sink under the taps with only a few leaves or plates floating on them, and you can only run to avoid sinking. Thus, when you see taps ahead, pick a good timing and run in advance. You might find it hard to pass the taps, but after a few failures, you are bound to find the key. On the other hand, the living creatures attack in different ways. The naughty babies use a toy shovel, the ducks peck with their beaks, the cats wave their paws, and the crabs attack with claws. You will even see jellyfish, one of the most menacing creatures. They are asleep at first, but when you get close, they will wake up gradually and start stinging. When you see any jellyfish, run over them immediately before they turn red, or else you will be dead.
Along the roads full of dangers, you can still see power-ups. There are four kinds of power-ups. When you eat the type shaped like an upward arrow, you will become larger. The downward arrow shaped power-up will make you shrink, and it will be easier to dodge threats above your head. Collecting the snowflakes will freeze all the obstacles for a moment, and two-layer bread can protect you from being killed by any traps once. These power-ups are very useful and can save your life sometimes. If you see them, try your best not to miss any!

Exciting Race, Endless Survival

Besides the classic levels, you can have fun in two other game modes: Race and Survival. In the Race, the system will match three other players to have a competition with you. Similar to the classic levels, you will encounter a few obstacles, but you will not really “die” during the race. Instead, every time you are “killed”, you will be sent a short distance backwards and restart there. The first player to get to the destination will receive one hundred coins as a reward, the second fifty, and the third ten. Do not be the last to arrive, because you will get nothing! In the Survival mode, you will encounter endless obstacles, and each one you pass will add one point to your record. You can challenge yourself and train your dodging skills in this mode.

Let the Running Begin!

Apart from the contents mentioned above, you can find still other interesting elements in this game, such as various skins and powerful equipment. Whenever you feel bored and want to relax yourself for a few minutes, Run Sausage Run! is always a good choice. Download it at APKBLue.com and start the exciting running now. Have a great time!